Why Bessie’s Best Lactation Treats?

Lactation Treats

The Taste.

What we found with other lactation cookies and lactation treats lacked in one VERY particular and important ingredient – the taste! Let’s be honest – as a sometimes desperate breastfeeding mom, we would all choke down any food, no matter the taste, if it helped our baby get the milk they need. But why suffer if you don’t have to? Both mom and baby can be happy while eating Bessie’s because they’re truly homemade and delicious while being nutritious, allergy sensitive – and getting you that increase in milk supply that you crave! Don’t eat cardboard when you can have treats so good that you MAY just have to hide from your other half.

“These cookies are delicious & definitely work! I was skeptical because I have tried other teas and supplements, but 24 hours later, I woke up NEEDING to pump, (which hasn’t happened once since he was born 3 weeks ago!) I pumped 8oz in 10 minutes… I wanted to pump longer but baby needed me. I usually get 4oz max… These are truly amazing.” – Amazon Reviewer

Lactation Treats

The Results.

Every body is different, but we are so proud that our product has truly helped so many mamas to achieve their breastfeeding goals. Jen created this product because she needed them for herself and got the results she was looking for – more milk, a lot more! But when she shared with others who also increased their milk supply, she knew she couldn’t keep them to herself. We are so happy to see many moms dropping us notes of the wonderful results they’ve seen from noshing on Bessie’s Best. Read what our mom’s have to say…
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“I run a popular breastfeeding support page and I recommend Bessie’s Best: Lactation Cookies to everyone. They not only help with milk production, but they taste so yummy. In fact, it’s not only my favorite lactation cookie it’s my favorite cookie in general! I periodically order them even though I haven’t breastfed in years! I have seen firsthand how they have helped breastfeeding moms make more milk. Of course no one thing out there is the cure-all for every single person, but these cookies have definitely helped many! Also, it’s a cookie, you can never go wrong with that!” – Blogger & Amazon Reviewer

Lactation Treats

The Natural Active Ingredients.

For a lactation treat that truly works and tastes great, we include galactagogues, a substance that improves milk supply, as the main ingredient(s) in our cookies and granola.  Not only are these ingredients going to help support your milk supply, but they’re healthy for mom and baby while you breastfeed.

Brewer’s yeast acts as a probiotic and encourages gut health while also contributing to a better milk supply.


Oatmeal is another well-known galactagogue that we use, and it also provides a ton of nutrients and minerals

No Fenugreek.

Many moms have given up on their attempt to increase supply because they don’t like the side effects of fenugreek for them or their babies.
We use alternatives such as brewer’s yeast, flax seeds, and oatmeal instead.
“While at MommyCon NYC, I stopped at Bessie’s for a sample of the oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip cookie. It was so delicious that I almost cried! No, it wasn’t hormones (LO is 17 months) but whoa these lactation cookies are the best I’ve ever tried and I’ve had my share of a few different kinds!” – Lourdes Nancy