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I went from dreading when my little girl was hungry because I was so hit or miss to begging her to eat because I’m leaking everywhere!” -Kateri

“I love your cookies! I am a night shift RN and have returned to work 7 weeks after having my baby. I used to pump 15oz throughout my 12hr shift, after eating your cookies – I am pumping about 24oz throughout my 12 hr shift now! They really work!!”   -Danielle Diaz Culliton

“Thank you thank you thank you!! 15.5 oz pumped in 8 hours at work. I don’t have to worry about supply thanks to your delicious cookies!! Sending tons of gratitude from myself and my 5 month old son in Albuquerque, New Mexico!”  -Amy

“I just wanted to say thank you for making the products you do! My 4 month old daughter’s pediatrician was concerned about her weight at her last appointment. I had already ordered your lactation cookies and was so anxious to get them in the mail. They are absolutely delicious and I swear by them! They helped me keep up with my daughter’s demand to nurse twice as much during the day and she gained 9 ounces this week! THANK YOU!!”  -Kaitlin Kies

“. . . woke up the 2nd day, drenched!!”

“It is soooo satisfying to see the increase in ounces pumped after eating the delicious Bessie’s Best items!”  -Joannah0

“Wanna know how awesome Bessie’s Best is!? Yesterday, I pumped 3oz, today, got my order and ate some yummy cookies, waited a bit and then was able to pump 8oz in a 2 hour time frame!! Say YES to BESSIE’s BEST!!!!!!”   -Brooke Butler Romito

“I love Bessie’s Best lactation cookies!”  -Katie Garza, Mrs. US 2015

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