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Nourishing Moments: How Breastfeeding Brings us Closer

  What do you think of when you hear the word “nourishment?” You may be thinking of foods that nourish your body or fuel you, but nourishment goes so much deeper than that. We want to give you some nourishing “food for thought” about how intentionally finding nourishing moments in your day and breastfeeding journey can have a deeper impact on your overall health and well-being. Creating Nourishing Moments Every breastfeeding session is an opportunity [...]

Celebrating the Unbreakable Bond of Motherhood: A Tribute to Breastfeeding Moms

  Mother's Day is a day to honor YOU, mom - the person who is in the trenches every day. As we celebrate this special occasion, we're taking a moment to shine a spotlight on the moms who are nearest and dearest to our hearts – the breastfeeding moms. The journey is one of love, challenges, and triumphs, and today, we want to take a moment to celebrate YOU. The journey of breastfeeding begins long [...]

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International Women’s Day

  It’s International Women’s Day, and the team here at Bessie’s wants to take a moment to acknowledge the incredibly powerful, all-mighty WOMAN. If you’re a customer (or curious) of Bessie’s Best, then it’s likely that you’re a mom, and since women and moms don’t get enough of the recognition that they deserve, it’s important to us that you hear it. You’re doing incredible things. You’re shifting and shaping the world just by showing up as [...]

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Breastfeeding in Public: Tips for Nursing with Confidence

Are you a loud and proud breastfeeder or tend to have a more modest approach? Either way, when duty calls - or your baby screams - you gotta do what you gotta do! Although the laws vary by state, all states allow for breastfeeding in public so it is always within your right to do so. Here are some tips for confidently nursing in public:   DRESS FOR THE OCCASION: Of course, the good ol’ nursing [...]

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5 Tips for Maximizing Your Pumping Sessions

Whether you’re pumping at work, pumping periodically to have a backup stash, power pumping to increase your supply, or exclusively pumping, the PUMP can be a friend - and even a foe! - to many breastfeeding parents. Fitting pumping into your busy life as a new mom can be completely overwhelming, and add to your stress. This may, in turn, continue to negatively impact your supply. It’s a vicious cycle, and it can be hard [...]

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Bessie’s Best Brings Family Nest To The Pennsylvania Farm Show 2024

  It was another great year at the Pennsylvania Farm Show, hosting the Bessie’s Best “Family Nest” where families could come during their day. Though it wasn’t a record-setting year for overall attendance, the event did break a record for the most cars parked in a day, so it was a great year all around. We certainly had a full house many times throughout the day. We got the opportunity to meet so many families with [...]

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Breastfeeding and Pumping for Working Moms

  Going back to work after having a baby can be completely overwhelming. Not only do you have to leave your brand new baby, but you have to start new routines, figure out how to juggle the workload of home, work, and now parenthood, and when you’re breastfeeding, you have to figure out how to manage your supply. If you’re breastfeeding and going back to work, here are some ideas for ways to maintain your [...]

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Navigating Common Breastfeeding Challenges During The Holidays

  The holiday season can cause stress to absolutely anybody, but breastfeeding parents, in particular, have an extra set of hurdles to overcome. If you’re worried about handling stress during the holidays, here are our best suggestions for managing these common breastfeeding challenges: Maintaining a Schedule: If you’re traveling, will be away from home, or even hosting people in your own house, it can be really difficult - and maybe even impossible - to maintain a [...]

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Bonding with Your Baby: How to Foster a Strong Connection in the Postpartum Phase

Congratulations - baby is here! Maybe you are over the moon, and reveling in every single moment. But, maybe you just don’t feel that connection that everyone told you about. Whether you’re feeling a strong bond you want to strengthen further or are trying to develop more of a connection, here is what you should know about bonding with your baby. Hormones There’s no doubt about it - your hormones are raging right now, trying [...]

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Will Bessie’s Lactation Snacks Help My Breast Milk Come in?

  Breast milk. How does your body know to start producing it? How does your body know how much to make? How can food help? Lactogenesis Stage One Lactation begins with colostrum production around the 16th week of pregnancy. "Lactogenesis Stage One" lasts until a few days after baby is born. Lactogenesis, by the way, is the transition from pregnancy to lactation. The nutritional makeup of colostrum is exactly what your newborn needs and the [...]


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