Mom breastfeeding her baby


It’s International Women’s Day, and the team here at Bessie’s wants to take a moment to acknowledge the incredibly powerful, all-mighty WOMAN.

If you’re a customer (or curious) of Bessie’s Best, then it’s likely that you’re a mom, and since women and moms don’t get enough of the recognition that they deserve, it’s important to us that you hear it.

You’re doing incredible things. You’re shifting and shaping the world just by showing up as a woman and a mom every day. No matter the gender of your child, your impact on them is so important.

The work that moms do often goes overlooked and undervalued, particularly if you are breastfeeding. Did you know that breastfeeding moms spend an average of 1800 hours in the first year feeding their baby? That’s just shy of 40 hours a week of unpaid labor. Even if you loved every single second of breastfeeding, it is still a lot of work and takes away from your ability to focus on other things: your spouse, your career, your home, your other children, your friends, and so often last on the list – yourself.

The skills that are being used as a mom are highly valuable, not just to your little one or your family, but even to an employer! Did you know that studies show that employing moms has a higher return on investment for many employers? Even if you’ve opted not to work, just know that the work you’re doing and the skills you’ve developed matter.

Just a reminder that your work as a mother is incalculable, and so very valued here at Bessie’s Best – and to many others as well. Take pride in the fact that you’re out there making it happen. We are proud of you and are here to support you each and every day on your journey.