It was another great year at the Pennsylvania Farm Show, hosting the Bessie’s Best “Family Nest” where families could come during their day. Though it wasn’t a record-setting year for overall attendance, the event did break a record for the most cars parked in a day, so it was a great year all around. We certainly had a full house many times throughout the day.

We got the opportunity to meet so many families with young children who were looking for a little bit of respite – whether it was a private rocking chair to nurse a very nosy baby, a changing table with everything you need right at arm’s length, a full-sized bed for our handi-capable friends, or just a few benches and toys so parents and kids alike could decompress for a bit.


We also had the “Kids Kuffs” again this year, where families could stop by to write their phone number onto a wristband for their little one. Since the crowds can get overwhelming, many parents can ease their worried minds knowing that Farm Show security can contact them should their little one get separated from their group.



Of course, everyone had a chance to sample some of our yummy treats, as we had samples of our oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip lactation cookie, our lactation granola, and our lactation ranch pretzels. We also debuted some of our new merch – sweatshirts, t-shirts, water cups, and onesies. Keep an eye on our socials and website for those to be available to the public soon!


This year, we had a visit from Senator Amanda Cappelletti, from PA’s 17th District, who was the first senator in PA to give birth while in office. We were happy to share some yummy lactation treats with her.


We loved hearing an anecdote from a family who visited us last year and grabbed a bag of our lactation pretzels when they first debuted. The mom had “accidentally” munched on half the bag on the drive home because they were so yummy, and the next morning woke up unexpectedly engorged, needing to feed and pump. According to dad, she was able to add a healthy stash to their freezer. We love hearing stories of how our products make an impact.


It’s hard to believe that Bessie’s has been a part of the Pennsylvania Farm Show since 2014. We are so happy to provide this service to the community and thank all of the parents who stopped by to visit!