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Messages from Grammy – Our Matriarch

A few years ago, our staff contributed stories on our website, including my Grammy. Grammy has been in my corner supporting me and my Bessie's journey since the beginning from baker to cheerleader. She has since passed, yet we continue to feel her love, especially when we found these blogs penned by her.  What a special gift Grammy left us, sweet messages as a proud parent and grandparent. Finding these letters reminds me to capture [...]

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Little Helpers, Bigger Impact

Do your kids like to help you? Whether you are in the kitchen, garden, cleaning, shopping etc - they want to be a part of it and help out.  That’s my daughter. Her favorite line is “Ina help!” and it sure is adorable.  Do you ever find yourself getting frustrated because these chores take longer with all the extra “help”? You know if you just did it on your own you would be done in [...]

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Oh the Places You’ll Pump

Like many moms, my goal was to breastfeed!  When my son was born I was determined to exclusively breastfeed him. I was very lucky to have a 14 week maternity leave. Despite having some early breastfeeding challenges, that time at home was a big help in getting to a good place before heading back to work. I did everything I could to prepare for continuing to breastfeed while at work.  I’m one of the lucky [...]

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It Takes a Village

I have yet to see a blog address what it's like for you and your spouse to parent without support.  So often we hear when raising kids, "It takes a village!"  But what happens when in that village there are only the two of you?  Village of Support: Population 2.   That was me. With my first child I was a single parent, in college with no support.  Parenting as a single parent the first time [...]

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Illusions of the Perfect Family in 2021

Becoming a parent is a big decision and responsibility. Once you're a parent - you are all in Mamma. Welcome to the club!  After your first kid, almost instantly the next question is, “So, how many kids do you want to have?”   There is certainly no easy answer to that question. Each person, family and situation is different. Some people know and some people don't. But, what we can tell you is, the answer is [...]

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