Grammy's MessagesA few years ago, our staff contributed stories on our website, including my Grammy. Grammy has been in my corner supporting me and my Bessie’s journey since the beginning from baker to cheerleader. She has since passed, yet we continue to feel her love, especially when we found these blogs penned by her. 

What a special gift Grammy left us, sweet messages as a proud parent and grandparent. Finding these letters reminds me to capture my own moments of appreciation for my children and husband in letters and notes. 

Thank you Grammy for the reminder, we love you and miss you! 

Jen, owner and founder

Meet Grammy

Let me introduce myself. I’m known as Grammy to my whole extended family as well as most of my friends and acquaintances. I’m the 87-year-old grandma of an enthusiastic young mommy, the founder of Bessie’s Best Lactation Cookies

When I was young I was fortunate enough to give birth to three beautiful, healthy babies over a span of ten years. After attempting to nurse each one, I failed. Even with the effort of stirring chocolate syrup into a glass of whole milk each morning. Finally, I realized that this wasn’t working for me (and I loved drinking chocolate milk). I had no trouble drying up my breasts.

There is absolutely no feeling better than holding your very own infant in your arms close to you. Love it. Back then I did not know of many nursing mothers, and I never dreamed there would ever be such a thing as Bessie’s Best Lactation Cookies. 

Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren

Life just keeps getting better. The love for grandchildren is indescribable. They are so interesting and fun. Watching them from small children in kindergarten to grown adults and magna cum lauds, there were many surprises and special events. The love and caring they’ve shown me is priceless. Next there were several weddings and new homes. 

A few years have passed and now I have great-grandchildren. They are all really the best part of life, so loving and fun. Unfortunately, my one little great grandson is now a special little angel in heaven. We all remember him with much love and affection. 

I am truly blessed with a great family and am truly grateful. 


What a wonderful life my husband and I had with our 3 little ones. They were such good years of our physical lives, playing with them on the floor and watching them learn new things daily. 

The school years were unbelievable. Fortunately for us, they were all good students and athletes. So many fond memories. They excelled in the classroom as well as the field, court and mat. I always told them, “To be a good team member is more than just learning to play the game.”

After graduations, then off to college. These were really good, busy, years of classes, practices and games. Next was getting settled in their jobs and planning weddings.